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S N Associates strive to build and execute demountable partitions, allow creating sections that can open and close quickly, providing maximum flexibility and design options. Demountable partitions generally include aluminium glass partitions complemented with sliding doors that embellish the aura and space in the most artistic way. As a fit-out contractor company, S N Associates believes that demountable wall partitions establish smooth transitions and open up new dimensions bringing in more transparency that exalts the artistic taste instils exuberance most innovatively.


Demountable partitions installation is cost-effective and creates a larger space; it makes small units look huge and gives a unique and distinct look. S N Associates deals in demountable glass partitions, lightweight demountable partitions, and demountable office partition for all your partition need.  


What is a lightweight partition wall?

Lightweight partitions refer to lightweight interior partitions. These partition walls have lightweight, are thin, convenient to assemble and disassemble, energy-saving, and environmental protection, which is conducive to the industrial construction of the building. There are a variety of materials used in lightweight partition.


What is a glass partition wall?

Glass gives your partition walls a high-quality and elite look. It creates a space for natural light, and its soundproof property allows you to work in peace.

Provides the ideal environment for your office space.


Why Demountable Partition Installation?

Demountable partitions allow you to open up and close off your office or home sections quickly because you can even take the partitions out and make a hassle-free shift whenever needed. Here are some more in-depth advantages of demountable partition installation. Have a look:


1. Malleable and Ductile:

Demountable partitions help to keep the space accessible and vacant. Even if you are looking to move or shift in the future, you can leave without any worry. S N Associate's demountable glass partitions present a much smaller and comfortable job that can be done quickly, no construction crew needs to be hired, and no time has to be devoted to letting them do their job.


2. No More Shabble:

Enjoy Shabble-free move with our demountable partitions!

We at S N Associates aims to provide you with a hassle-free experience. We are no more waiting for walls to get built or paint to get dry. Just contact us and get your demountable partition system.



3. Cost-Friendly:

The demountable system is not only cost-effective but also saves your time and effort. We offer detachable walls that are way cheaper in terms of monetary value than brick walls, which even gives a contemporary and modern look to your space. Walls of all the height and width available.


4. Variety of Materials available:

Demountable partitions are available in a wide range. 

Want more natural light? Go for Glass Walls

Want more privacy? Go for timber walls.

Just tell us about your need, and we’ll provide all the solutions. Convert your ordinary office into a modern office with our detachable walls and furniture.


What’s the Process Of Demountable Partitions Installation?


The demountable wall installation process is quite simple and convenient. Here’s the step by step installation process:

  • Site Measurement

  • Choosing Material

  • Fixing Channels

  • Completing and Levelling the Structure

  • Securing Door Frames

  • Managing Cables

  • Door Placement

  • Skin Installment

  • Final and Last Touches